Direct Marketing

You’ve probably heard it before, but we’ll say it again: if they haven’t heard of you, they can’t help you. So get the word out. Let people know about your mission and how they can help. Send postcards, appeal letters, brochures, and emails. Easy enough, right?

Now comes the tricky part: Integrate all your direct marketing efforts from different types of media with your fundraising and financial software. Yes, that’s where it starts to get more complicated. But it’s also exactly what Blackbaud’s direct marketing solutions are designed to do for you. And they’ll take it a few steps further, too.

Professional Lists direct marketing soltuions include:

  • Professional Lists Direct Marketing will integrate your direct marketing campaigns with your constituent information, so you can plan and set budgets, identify and target high-performing donor segments, get one view of marketing activities, and see real-time performance results.
  • Data Management Services, Blackbaud’s service bureau, coordinates and executes recurring direct marketing campaign operations on your behalf, so you can free staff to work on other mission-critical initiatives.
  • Professional Lists NetCommunity allows you to conduct direct marketing campaigns directly from your website (and a whole lot more).
    Target Analytics services can be a tremendous help when it comes to list acquisition, benchmarking, and prospect research.